Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So Close as to Taste

One action left to be drawn
Two more days of shooting
We shot the tarzan closeups last night using a rig of wire hanger, gaff tape and an unknowingly donated drumstick from my housemate. Each character posed in front of the camera as Mr. Director whizzed it around in a circle to delicately depict a background in motion. Photos forthcoming.

Edit Creation
Organize sound effects and music recording sessions
Revamp Distraction preview
Make Lil stickers and/or patches
Create T-shirt Art Commerce Project
Make videos of flipbooks
Make Lil epk
Edit snippets of movies for youtube and myspace film

Maintain balance between self-promotion and new content and when possible blend the two.

But, I get ahead of myself. Today: We shoot animation.


Barnaby said...

what's an epk?

Zea said...

elderly possum king
effective pantie knit
ecumenical pulsing kitchenette
endomorphic panic kaka (fun)

electronic press kit (less fun)

Barnaby said...

endomorphic panic new band.

Barnaby said...

Elderly Possum King hit too close to home...

Zea said...

epipleptic pepper ketchup?