Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Building and Deconstructing... and fishes

So I've started constructing miniature sets for the upcoming Steamy Bohemians music video we're working on. Aside from learning that I am not to wield x-acto knives before noon, I have also learned I have a hobby I could happily pick up and practice as an elder person (providing my hands aren't all gnarled and arthritic by then, or better yet, providing my hands haven't fallen victim to a.m. x-acto sessions). I loved dollhouse furniture as a kid. I would go and get pieces without actually having a house to put it in. Constructing them is even more fun.

Here is how I have been healing my wound:
This was crafted back when I was very wee and encapsulates that fabulous obsession the 80s had with the 50s. I adore it.

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Chris said...

Delayed reaction comment: I love you even more because of this.

Check out Barnes and Barnes' "Cemetary Girls." It's been a favorite of mine since I discovered it on a Halloween mix tape in Junior High.