Saturday, March 15, 2008

Movies I Approve of:

This is what life is all about.



I adore Helvetica. I am probably the target/wet dream audience as I am an unschooled graphic designer-wannabe. (I am also a color-namer, EMT and luge-r wannabe, so...)
Perhaps it was all those little steel type set letters my mom had in her knick-knack case growing up, but that intro bit with the typesetting ranks with the opening credits of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (gene wilder version thankyouverymuch(subscribe for your t-shirt here)) as the purest of visual porn in title sequences of all time (if that sequence of the orange crayons getting made on mr. rogers would qualify, that too). I absolutely gasped at certain sections. When that man explained how he made grids and then drew and arranged letters. Revelation.

I am a typeface appreciator. (also chocolate, and I'll add music to the list) Things I adore that I lack the skills to make myself..

Be Kind Rewind:

I adore Be Kind Rewind. Gondry keeps doing all my ideas before I get a chance. Some kids were inspired to "swede" star wars. So awesome. See it now.


Genghis Blues (Tuvan throat singing makes me cry), Chuck Jones: Extremes and In-Betweens (Brilliant Genius man), Live Free or Die (excellent recreation of a meld of about 20 different kids I grew up with)

Somebody needs to make a really awesome movie about Richard Feynman. Gotta see if I can find that doc we saw in 10th grade science class...

Also, I made a Film/Video Production Reel that can be seen here. I'm working on (or rather avoiding working on) one for the performance stuff...


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