Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The "Alone in your Bedroom" Aesthetic

Combined with discussions raised by that Adbusters article on the acultural plague of "hipsters" on the planet, I wondered more, upon seeing this video, about the depths of Irony vs. Sincerity and Appropriation and Rehash. I can't get a read on this guy. His eyes seem dead. Is he presenting something heartfelt? Has the irony become rampant on so many levels there is complete detachment? Does he want people to laugh? (I am not railing against him, I am asking honestly.) Perhaps abstraction has reached a whole new level; gathering ingredients from sources so far flung that any of their original intention or sensation is drained and combining them in a way that adds no new perspective save some vague impression of melty anachronism. The only clear impression I get is a vision of him in his bedroom by himself making-pretend-rockstar. With such democratization of the "art making" and publishing processes, the overwhelming crush of media, people alone in their rooms communicating virtually (as we do), maybe that small sliver of humanity is enough for people these days. The cat can dance. I think he is to be commended for playing the zealot even if I'm not feeling much authentic zeal. Presenting Francis and the Lights:

(It is also possible that this guy IS, in fact, an 'alone in your bedroom' sort of guy who is taking great leaps to bring those things out in front of others. [I feel that way about Eugene Hutz. The first time I saw him, he was wearing a red michael jackson zipper jacket and meaning it. {"This guy's not ironic. He's eastern european."} He ended up being one of the most incredible showmen alive today] It's possible that look in his eye is just nerves in front of the camera. It's possible this dude is incredible. I can't tell yet.)

You see, the thing about being alone in your bedroom is you've got no gauge, no collaborative chemistry, no critique. In the old days, they would call that "masturbatory". It's also similar to how historically the lead singer going solo is almost always less successful than when they were in the band (the police, talking heads, rollingstones...) I think most people's "genius" needs to be tempered. This new advent of technology makes it quite easy to get around people not showing up to rehearsal or the bother of finding other folks who have common tastes and dreams.
My! but we have novelty, though. numa numa.

the thing about this blog post is, left unchecked by outside forces, I'm libel to ramble on about this shit furevz.


Anonymous said...

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