Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Framed Art for Sale

Drawings for Sale. As seen in Manhattan gallery show.

Pen and Ink drawings on paper. Both sides of a sheet of paper for the subtle effect of the figures being submerged in the paper. Most framed in 9"x 14" frames, between 2 sheets of glass so light can pass through from the back to highlight more of the hidden drawing. $150 each. Horizontal piece, "bunny", is framed 14"x 17".

Open to haggling.

Will definitely exchange piece for new Guess starlet style jeans in dark blue size 28.


Maria Luisa Gambale said...

Shit, those are great jeans. Make sure to get 2 pairs for a drawing. Don't undersell!

Anonymous said...

FurREAL. The pair I've been wearing daily since 2006 have been patched 6 times and are about to fall to dust.

Also, Peoples, "beardbowl" has been spoken for and is off the market. Thank yous!