Sunday, March 14, 2010

fall10RTW: Rebel Yellow


I have been reviewing all the fashion from the Fall10 Ready To Wear collections. I spend hours on clicking on all the slideshows. I only made a small dent, covered my favorites, discovered some new-to-me. I found some nice pieces. I was inspired to empty out my locker full of fabric all over my apartment. I bought grannypanties from the Sears so i could dress like dolce & gabbana.

One thing i found particularly and viscerally striking was a color used in a couple collections. Galliano was the first i saw. In amongst the piles of frosty grey, there was a shock of bright-rich-yellow-orange. I see this as today's reincarnation of Elsa Schiaparelli's shocking pink. But, it transcends gender. To me it felt like a call to rebellion. It is Vivienne Westwood's gorgeous hair.

But it's not angry.

It's finding motivation in intense positivity.

revolution through in-your-face love and smiles and humor.

This is the color of my freak flag.

And this is my call to arms, abrazos.

I call it: Rebel Yellow



Anonymous said...

I am about sure Vivienne Westwoods hair is Manic Panic's Tiger Lily:

Anonymous said...

I am about sure Vivienne Westwoods hair is Manic Panic's Tiger Lily:

Ashleigh said...

This is my favorite color! I've spent the past few years collecting whatever examples of it I could find, including a light scarf and some hand dyed yarn - which became an awesome hat and a sweet necklace.

It'll be nice to see more of this color around.

BTW, I remember your performance at the Paradise DVD shoot (I was a brigader). You were awesome. I'm following your blog and will read it at work, hoping for hints on how to plot my escape!

Good luck to you, and all you do,


Zea said...

@christina - i am well on my way to the grey hairs overtaking my head, and i can't wait to get my manicpanic on. tiger lily: noted.

@ashleigh - thanx much for checking out the blog. That color is the best. i have been wanting to create some neck ruffles for my clown performances in that color, but not even Mood fabrics in NYC could accommodate. no bright yellow tulle. I had to make due with velvet ribbon (!) good luck with your escaping.