Saturday, May 01, 2010

Stop the Gene Wilder Remakes Tshirts

TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY! {approximately}

It has been two years since the cry went out in the shadow of the movie remakes of Willy Wonka and the Producers, the new Broadway production of Young Frankenstein and rumors of Blazing Saddles' movements toward the stage. Gene Wilder's genius is not replaceable and needs to be preserved for future generations. So i got out my Sharpie and made some calls to screenprinting friends of mine.

The first generation of guerilla t-shirts grew from worrying if I would make the 12 shirt minimum to my inbox filling with impassioned pleas for shirts from around the world. News spread by word of mouth and internet posts until I was stuffing envelopes destined to New York, LA, and Tokyo. A second run (with maroon ink) was demanded after the first sold out.

The wonderful folks at caught wind of the design and asked to carry it and hand-print each one for eager customers across the land. i was delighted. I held an informal poll on new color schemes. (the colors of this first run needed to be kept sacred to those lucky enough to join early)

Even picking the perfect chocolate-y brown proved tricky.

Today the shirts are still available for purchase online.

In this time of when remakes seem to outweigh new original work {Clash of the Titans, anyone?} Let's make sure art history is not recorded over and let's make room for more new original view points, how bout.

Much thanks to Shannon at Commonwealth Press, Michael at and Tom at and all the folks who told their friends for helping an idea become reality. xx

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