Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bony Lil's Creation + Distraction is coming!!

Bony Lil's Creation + Distraction is about to be released in entirety online for the first time ever!

Created by Zea Barker + Michael Pope

The short film duet blends live action silent comedy, unique hand-crafted animation and original scores by Valerie Thompson, Brian Viglione and a few talented musicians from Blue Man Group. The films explore two challenging sides of the creative process; Distraction is the classic story of girl meets blank sheet of paper and Creation explores the chaos of inspired creation and its various repercussions. Shot on black and white Super 8 film and digital, it features a unique style of hand-drawn and stop-motion animation devised by Zea Barker.

The films have been shown by Chicago Short Film Brigade, Blood From a Turnip Puppet Film Festival and the nationally touring Fuck the Back Row.

Soon: online for all to see!

October 4th - Worldwide

to celebrate the birth of master silent clown; Buster Keaton

tune in. It'll be a hoot.

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