Friday, January 14, 2011

Map of Tasmania Pubic ... I mean, Music Video

Map of Tasmania is a new single from Amanda Palmer's Album for Australia. It refers to what some fellas might yell out a car window at some ladies. or rather. it is something they would request to see. Tasmania is shaped like this. So are female nether regions, in their 'nature state'. Thus the dance track you see before you.

This was my first time back working with Michael Pope and Amanda Palmer on a video since the days of Coin Op, Girl Anachronism, Sing and the Paradise DVD. I ended up shopping for twinkly things, consulting on merkin logistics, dressing an evolving cast of dancers and extras, pulling some scenic painting out of my bum the day of and doing some set dressing.

The video has an exclusive on Spin Magazine. Go check it out.

Here is the amazing crew:


Sarah said...

Who was the female dancer in the red shorts? Love her!

Anonymous said...

Same question as Sarah: Who was the dancer in the white t-shirt and red shorts?

Anonymous said...

^ Ditto, I would like to know also.