Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bony Lil's Creation + Distraction Screening

short film duet
silent comedy * hand-crafted animation * live music + sound fx

Amuse Bouche 2011
ComedyShorts - Clowns on Film
The Brick Theater - williamsburg brooklyn
September 16th - 10pm

Bony Lil rides again! This will be only the second time these films have screened in New York (the first being in the fall of 2008 at Joe's Pub) This time, they are joined by other great clown films of Jeff Seal and Morro and Jasp as well as an animation/live performance from the multi-talented Isaac Littlejohn Eddy. With each new screening of these films co-creators Zea Barker and Michael Pope look for new folks to collaborate with and create new music for these silent pieces. Clifton Hyde has stepped to the task and will be sure to bring the funk as this is not his first rodeo in the genre. All sound effects are done live as well by Barker and Pope and their bag of tricks.

This is a special night in the month long clown festival Amuse Bouche taking place at the Brick Theater in Williamsburg Brooklyn (Lorimer Metropolitan L/G) THis night in particular will be hosted by the fabulous Audrey Crabtree and John Towsen!

There are a bunch of great live shows happening all month. Check'm out!

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