Tuesday, November 01, 2011

All Fall Down Blog Piece

on Bony Lil's Creation + Distraction

John Towsen of All Fall Down: The Craft + Art of Physical Comedy fame did a write up of the live screening we did of silent short film duet Bony Lil's Creation + Distraction in September as part of the Amuse Bouche Clown Festival in Brooklyn NY.

We put together a new live musical score with Clifton Hyde and Stefan Zeniuk, and Director Michael Pope and Animator and star Zea Barker provided the sound effects with a tiny table with too too many things on it.

All live action, and much of the animation, was shot on super 8 film and edited digitally. The animation is a self-taught method that Zea came up with through trial and error and trying endlessly to get this endless business of hand-crafted animation to go a bit quicker.

lookee here:

Bony Lil's Distraction from Zea on Vimeo.


Bony Lil's Creation from Zea on Vimeo.

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