Monday, December 30, 2013

4D Drawings - Favorites Week 2013

I'm showcasing the ten (baker's) ten favorite 4D Drawings of 2013 over on my tumblr this week. 

This year saw a couple Tumblr Radar features (my work popping up on folks' tumblr homepages around the world for a short while) which garnered me a wonderful avalanche of new followers. There were comments in english, german, vietnamese, persian, spanish, hungarian, portuguese, russian and turkish. It is all mindblowing and fairly surreal as it is the nature of the internet that each viewer has their own private experience of the animations and I see shadows of their responses. Strange for a person raised in theater.

Check out this year's favorites. Here's to another year of animated gifs and many thanks to all those out there watching. xo

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