Saturday, May 26, 2007


Yesterday at Walden Pond.
hike. dip. picnic. nap.
{fucking sigh}

[I apologize to my two readers about the lack-of-pep my posts have had of late. Not much being accomplished lately besides working most days at... work. Aside from honing my skills in management, teaching and cinderella-ness, I have been making tiny steps forward on a couple more festival submissions and starting to finish a group of paper panels I started over a year ago. There are very exciting things on the horizon. But for now, a snail's pace, apparently. After seven weeks of practice, I'm finally making a bit of peace with that... enjoying some relaxation and large quantities of planet earth {eyes wide like tea saucers}]


Lauryn said...

Don't think only two people read your blog! I pop in every so often too!!

zea said...

thrthrthrthrrrrreee it is!

lauryn said...

well i'm sure there are other souls who just don't say anything!

val said...

hey z!

in the uk and finally had some free time to peek at your blogginess.

enjoy your outdoor time. uk is pretty but cold and hectic. can't wait to have outside time.


Zea said...

kick ass, val.

that's an order.