Monday, May 14, 2007

Footage from Voltaic

So I felt the footage didn't quite capture the excitement of the moment (says the girl whose brain was so addled with adrenaline, it's impossible to know exactly how exciting it was). Somehow in reverse it seemed to to me. It's a bit cheeky, admittedly, but it adds a little video pepper. I'm on this kick now, that there are elements of live performance that cannot be experienced by those who weren't there (Snooty sounding but true). After being able to craft each moment and beat in film and feeling like there was no way to match that live, I'm now flopping to the other end of the spectrum, the one I was most directly born into, live theatre. Live performance possesses an intensity that is difficult to captured on film. Think of all those staged opera and ballet programs on PBS. Seeing Baryshnikov live is a totally different animal (I would watch that man sit in a chair and pick his nose for 45 minutes with no complaint). That's why film is made in little chunks, it's a different language. A brilliant one. I just want to return to the live stuff. Live improvisation is bloody thrilling.
(so is hearing a hoard of wee children belting out "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" as they pass under one's window)


val said...

holy cow!

someone asked me how i can play with you and not crack up during the show and honestly i had no idea what faces you were doing.

i just giggled. alot.
and now i'm completely distracted by the idea of listening to the music in reverse. hmmmm...

val said...

here's a note from the field.

backwards making faces music, sounds icky.

and like i might get sea sick.


Z said...

yeek val hates it.

It was meant to be sort of snarky/funny thesis on how the magic can't be captured.

I, for one, like it when the intro finally comes in after the punkrock chugging, really.

val said...

no wait!

there is confusion!!!!

i never got an audio when i saw the video.

there was no audio.

i was just talking about listening to my at home audio without the visual of the faces...

hold the presses.

Zea Silly said...

oh heehee okay yes good okay
(excitable me)

Zea Clever said...

an argument for live conversation vs. wee little letters on a screen.

(nor sometimes even the basic gist)

val said...

i thought it was a little odd to see the video without music but i was really happy to see the faces backwards.

turns out i might have unplugged my speakers or something.

backwards faces with backwards music makes good sense... yay!
i love the scary mouth stuff at the high trilly stuff at the beginning of the backwards video.

its funny to try to make my ears understand what their hearing.

whew... concept understood, order restored.

Barnaby said...

Live is where itz at! this is so good. ugh. I love it.

Zea said...

I miss you B come visit.

Barnaby said...

roadtrip to Boston! WOOOHOOO!

Zea said...

Also Ms.Casey is working at the neighborhood store my friends own (see my top myspace friends(snarf)). I didn't recognize her at first, then she said "do you know barnaby?", giving me serious locational whiplash. And now I see her multiple times a week when I go it to get my sammies & bevvies.

Barnaby said...

Whoa! that's very small worldish! Altho' my life has a major six degrees of Boston thesemmdayzin. (bad attempt at Zea speak)