Monday, June 11, 2007

ass over teacup

In honor of the formidable wave of existential angst that just broke on my dome, I am posting the baby steps of progress I've made on those wall panel things as some sort of proof not of my talent but my perseverance in the face of self doubt and fatigue onaccounta working overtime continually. This is the first day off that hasn't been a giant relief but, instead, a sort of side-swipe. But, I'm looking to keep a hold on evidence of my "working on new things", so, {return to top of text}


val said...

yay working on new things!

when do you get a life back?
wanna tea/walk/get exposed to sunshine/eat something yummy and cheap/tour the state house/or anything when you get a life back?


val said...

or paddle a row boat?

Zea said...

yes. all of it.

since I am unreasonably busy all the time, I am also available all the time.

we can figure a thing.