Friday, June 29, 2007

General July

Recently returned from a lovely "weekend" on a lake in vermont. Just what the doctor ordered. Beautiful, cool, great company, close proximity to an island formerly owned by the Marx brothers (giddy giddy). Many thanks to Andrew and Derek for their impeccable hospitality.

Did a couple more phases on the panels yesterday. Most excitingly, I have a venue for my new drawings in September. It was one of my goals to figure out how to frame them and make more this summer, so voila, the deadline.

Staring down a very busy bunch of weeks. Gig at Hard Rock and Boston Pops (Blue Man not me). Lots of meetings and scampering about. Music video coming up (Steamy Bohemians not me). Wedding coming up (step sister not me). and a trip to chicago to poke around (all me). I figure I can fit all that in three weeks no problem.

Submitted to Ottawa International Animation Festival, Chicago International Film Festival and Coney Island Film Festival. Sundance coming soon.


Barnaby said...

Holy sh!t .. when it rains it pours! this all sounds very excitin' Lady Z !!!

I can't tell how happy I am about the drawings.. you know how much I love them! those purple nads are workin' well on ya!

(had to...)

Barnaby said...

I meant I can't tell YOU how happy I am .. when ya leave out a word thing go all funny....

I'm fit to burst I tell ya...