Thursday, September 27, 2007

aNOTHEr site

new site up now for drawings, now. All the pieces from the show, plus one that was not quite as passably family oriented, are up for perusal and purchase. The show is up for another week.
The store's open 7am-9pm daily, 8-8 sundays. I'll be taking it down on the 7th. Come see.

Thanks to all my peeps who did make it out. You make me feel happy inside.


val said...

was the montage premeditated?

they flow very very nicely.

Zea said...

once I started to build the graphic in photoshop I was like "oh shit, I should do these large scale with lots of figures."

I'm so slow on the uptake on somethings...

val said...

it's the evolution baby.

that will just have to be your next exhibit. your drawings could be ginormous, especially because someday soon you will have a very large room.

(that's one of the advantages of living in chitown, i've heard. big rooms.)

Barnaby said...

Please Sir, massive Zea Barker water situations. Thank You.

Barnaby von Beeseland.