Monday, September 03, 2007

The Drawings' on the Wall

I just got back from hanging my solo show and gave an actual gasp when I walked in my room and saw all those drawings and frames were gone. empty nest.

The framing process was interesting, as they got under glass I would vacillate between thinking they looked very vulnerable and thinking they looked fancier.

The general themes of my thoughts these days surround the issues of being a solo artist. Probably because I'm encroaching on the difficult, unknown territories of self-promotion, of sending some token of myself off to strangers to be judged and getting little response. When there's others involved, the responsibility can be a bit more dissipated, maybe. Or maybe I'm just wishing I knew how to do it. Best I can tell, sending shit out is not so successful. Sharing the same airspace is. Primarily, I must be patient and persistent. Way too early to get downtrodden.

So come see the show. It'll be up all month. City Feed and Supply is an awesome place to visit regardless; coffees, groceries, yummy sandwiches. It's run by marvy friends of mine and you may even find some hand-made signs by yours truly from my time being on the other side of the register. I will be hanging out in the afternoon during Jamaica Plain Open Studios on the 29th and 30th. Leave feedback in the guest book if I'm not around. And buy one if you want to. I'm open to trade and barter, too.


Barnaby said...

Congratulations Zea! It looks wonderful. I am so happy for you!

Barnaby said...

post mo' better and close up pics of all of them please!

zea said...

'munna make a site for them all soon. I have scans of them all I just need the maid to format them into a page for me. too busy, myself.

val said...

Great show Miss Zea!!!

You draw nice and you are nice to see!!!!