Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How to Create Your Own "Zombie Miss South Carolina": Make-up tutorial (sort of)

First: gather costume bits of a fancy gown and long blond wig. Make a sash by painting on 2"+ white ribbon. I made a choker with bits of ribbon and sequins as the neckline (or lack thereof) on my dress was so different from hers.

Then: paint on a base of black and purple. I use this groovy water-based makeup that comes in cakes and has lots of colors. Once all the eyesocket shadows and veins are in place, use a white cake makeup of a different brand and sponge over the dark bits using a round sponge.

After That: Draw on the cheat-sheet info on forearms using black liquid liner or lip liner

And touch up and bring out the eyes and lips with some green twinkly loveliness. Then powder down with a loose translucent powder so you won't rub off all your hardwork on the lining of your coat.

Ultimately: put all the bits together and practice your snarl.
If you need a refresher on your lines go here


valvlalvalva said...

i'm scared on so many levelsssss!

Barnaby said...


And thanks for the email I'm writing back I swear I just fell so far off dagrid it's takin' awhile.

purty lady outta site!

Zea said...

ain't nobody recognize me at the party. I was looking dudes square in the eyeball multiple times and they still didn't know it was me. teehee.