Monday, January 28, 2008

A Selected Tour

Kensington Market as an intriguing place. It's primarily a one and two story funky converted residential area loaded with ethnic grocers, produce vendors, gobs of vintage clothing stores and the occasional restaurant and cafe. There are some pretty wild paint jobs on houses/stores which is awesome, but somehow, more awesome was that as a wended my way through the various health stores and mystery shops I came across no less than four establishments pumping reggae into the street. Mind you, it was excruciatingly freezing that day. I liked it.

The last photo is from a production of Alice Wonderland on stilts I saw at the winter festival here, Winter City. The spectacle of costumed characters wading above crowds of folks was neat to see {that a huge, two-story singing lady on the left}. Unfortunately the intrigue ends there. I found it hard to get involved in any sort of story. I did only see the latter half, so I may have missed some magic in the beginning. My favorite part was all the gloved clapping at the end. What a great sound.

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