Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have returned.

Spent an hour building levees with the plastic snow shovel this morning to prevent the driveway from icing over later. My sweater smells musty from the pink slicker I found in the closet. I've eaten too many cookies in the last 18 hours.
Sweet sweet country living.

Big things in the works.

Check the gallery show @ right (manhattan, baby. what?!)

I'll post the Neptune video shortly.

Freelance full speed ahead. Will animate for wads of cash.
Send those Sugar 'Rents my way.


Lauren said...

Manhattan show, eh? I think I was already planning on being in attendance. Will I see you there?

Z said...

That's the plan.

Hopefully the geography doesn't get too complicated...

Barnaby said...

besides my love for Smoky Bacon & Cheddar low-fat baked crisps (for Archers Farms at Target of course)

I would love nothing more than for you to put 'Warm, Red, Salt And Wet" Group Exhibition at 31 Grand, Project Room over there on the right... it's bigguh than my solo baby!

I knew I smelled something musty.

Barnaby said...

Ned Kelly the Outlaw?

Barnaby said...

Take back that geography comment! Pope's renting a helicopter.

Z said...

did you look at the '........' link? THAT Ned Kelly. I guess I have a soft spot for dudes cuddling sock monkeys deadpan.

okayokay I'll put the things you want for me to put.

I'm trying to spend some time outside today but it's hard to feel productive clumping about in the crusty snows.

Barnaby said...

OOOOOOOOOoooooooooh the ............... Ned Kelly!!!

Carry on then!

val said...

i so want to run away and come to an art show in march instead of be "normal..."

(the urge to run away w/ the circus or even just a cute hobo has gotten under my skin lately.)

i think i will be a good girl and wait until april to come get my art on! arg.

Barnaby said...

VAL! It would be so much Fee-un if you made the opening!!

all I'm saying.. and just once I swear...maybe

Zea said...

ya heard!