Tuesday, February 19, 2008


In the coming posts, we have to look forward to:

my wrap up of fall 08 ready to wear.

it's promising to be quite truncated as I can't be bothered to focus on such unimaginative drivel as I've seen so far.
{that's right, sisters, drivel}

A new bony lil video.
I haven't shot it yet but I'm sure thinking about it while playing nerdy online games involving frogs and tangled wads of strings.

maybe some sneak-peaks of the block prints I'm doing for my friends' store.

that remains to be seen. three down, seven to go.

News that I successfully submitted for a mongo grant by deadline.
again, with the frogs and strings.

sneak-peaks of new pieces that will go in the new york show.
once I shake off the crippling heartache of my imperfection.

so, generally, lots to look forward to,
right after I finally get to the fourth level on that frog thing...

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