Saturday, January 23, 2010

And Another Thing!

Yesterday's rants as evidenced by my facebook feed:
If glaxo smith kline gets to make feature-length advert... 'documentary' about how its product, (with an unbelievable, beyond-satire list of gnarly side effects), is best, and political campaigns just became an official commodity, we've got the drugs covered, the funding of glitz and sexual deviations is covered, WHERE THE FUCK IS THE ROCK + ROLL!

Oh right. That's my end of the bargain. Stock up on panties and lighters, folks. I WILL NOT FAIL YOUZ!

and then four hours and some more NPR later...
And another thing! Have y'all seen how the list of side effects for drugs takes the lion's share of the commercial length and far surpasses any attempt at satire? They are asking people to pay huge sums of cash to maybe die very unpleasantly because it COULD make you feel better. Let's suppose that art was allowed a FRACTION of that legal leeway? Artists! Let's step up to the plate. People are willing to suffer intensely to maybe feel better. We can definitely help them with that, am I right!

So a major pharmaceutical company gets featured at Sundance Film Festival. I view this as a blatant breach of medium. Maybe artists should start making up some different stuff for people to ingest that might kill them or at least make them shit their pants. So politicians get mad funding and will get as much moral backlash as Ms. Spears for transgressions. Oh wait, that already happens; men's bathrooms, hired escorts, spooj on blue dresses, etc.

So the politicians are rock stars, the athletes are rockstars and the real rockstars are giving it away for free online.
Tragedy only makes good news if there is "looting" and "unrest". (I listened to this newswoman on the BBC HARPING on this correspondent to give some evidence that people were going lord of the flies)


Welcome to the 20TWEENS!

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