Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Quest for the Church of Peanut Butter and Jelly

Synchronicities. Happenstances. Alignments.

It has become clear to me (at 4:33am) that the next step of my life's journey must feature peanut butter and jelly prominently. One can question the logic 'til the cows come home but one must not ignore a sign. an omen. certainly not three of them.

The First Occurrence:
This afternoon, while browsing through the photos celebrating the charades theme-day on Whiskerino (a fantastic site of beard growing camaraderie) I came across a photo that caused me to laugh aloud. It was this one from sir jellobeard:


The Second Occurrence:
I was watching the frickin Jimmy Fallon Show (ugh) which i have secretly started to tolerate purely for watching people play games like charades. Today was Taboo. and Jimmy was trying to guess a word (comma) that was described by his teammate as something that goes between two words. Jimmy guessed "peanut butter and jelly". I laughed aloud for the first time ever while inflicting that show on myself.


The Third Time's a Charm:
I was going back to check out some more episodes of Black Books which i cannot get enough of and Manny is eating toast in the bathtub, squirting jelly on't from a pump liquid soap bottle and then Dylan Moran gets all frazzled and starts threatening people bodily with jellied toast. hilarious.


I am meant to find some way to include peanut butter and jelly more prominently in my life. Open myself to what peanut butter and jelly has to offer.

finally. something to do on my day off.

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