Wednesday, August 04, 2010


I'm happy to announce after over 3 years of film festival submissions and peppered nationwide screenings, Bony Lil's Creation + Distraction are getting ready to be released in entirety on the world-wide internets! Stay tuned for deets! Check out the trailers in the meantime.

ALSO, I am happy to announce the wondrous City Feed and Supply will be carrying greeting cards featuring the blockprints I designed for the opening of their new store on Centre St. in Jamaica Plain a couple years ago! Stay tuned for deets!

PLUS, I am happy to announce I will have a full-length solo show in this year's NY Clown Theatre Festival in Brooklyn in September. Stayed for deets!

Meanwhile, I am unemployed and soon to be homeless. I am not too proud to beg on "the street." Feel free to donate to the cause (of me: vaganthead(at)gmail(dot)com) as I endeavor to move back east in September and mount my show. I will send you a thank you card of my own construction for your mantel.


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