Sunday, March 06, 2011

Ya Lost Me: the Fall RTW 2011 edition

I've been trying to keep up with the fall ready-to-wear 2011 collections as they are unveiled in their various cities. It's a daunting task even when one is not on the tail end of 5 weeks with three days off (life of a freelancer).

So, as I was scuttling through the slideshows over at, I was suddenly interested in that lightswitch moment of disinterest that leads me to give up on viewing the rest of the collection and, instead, move onto some other one. I picked the eight most recent collections posted today and tried to observe the absolute moment of throwing in the towel and giving up hope, and what pieces drove the nail in the towel-hope-coffin.

How it works is, you click on the link to a designer and then on the image they have posted for the collection. That opens a separate window where you can look at a slideshow of every look that came down the runway for that collection, usually in the order it arrived. But there are often 30-50 looks so it becomes a time commitment to see each one, even with zippy broadband.

On the chopping block were:
Alexis Mabille
Andrew Gn
Costume National

feel free to play along at home.

Here we go:

body length caca suede

belted scarf and drape-head part

ooh. novelty. black AND wZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Doesn't Target already carry this sweater? Er right. no. throw pillow.



Models dressed by an infinite number of monkeys

Givenchy had me going for a while with their bizarre peek-a-boo panther skirts, but, alas, vanquished by the wreath sweater.

The winner is: Hermes
Entire collection viewed.

Flawlessly engaging blend of Erte meets Mongolian hunter (two personal fetishes of mine). And who can argue with head to toe dark green leather. Not I. And all that pandering sweetened me to accepting pretty silly pants as being tres chic and totes rockable.

Congrats, Christophe Lemaire! xx Send clothes!

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