Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Recording s'more

We had a cookin' recording session with Valerie Thompson and Brendan Burns last night. Pope and I laid down some lingering sound effects with Noah before they arrived and played some spicy-hot cello and classical guitar.

Unable to watch things and see things and hear those subtle things musician types hear, I relegated myself to doodling (see above).

The tracks are hot.

We may just reach that Valentine's Day Deadline. (hyperventilation)


Brendan Burns said...

Nice pic. I like the shoes!

Here are some fotos from my cameraphone:


Zea said...

Thanks much for the photos! Glad to see you even got a little grover-in-the-neck-hammock. You are the most discreet taker of photos I've knowingly encountered. Didn't even know you were takin'm.

Barnaby said...