Friday, February 02, 2007

Again with the Whatnot

So these photos are a recap from last time for what sort of things will be happening this evening and tomorrow somemore; Well, with guitar and two violins and a bass also. Almost done, really. Should be by Saturday night, anyway, with the recording, that is; sounds effects, music; for Creation.

Got one more session with Hari and Trucc, too. Really narrowing this shit down.

Oh rue the day I've got to seal this puppy up and call it what it is: you know, done.


Barnaby said...

Dude so close!


How do I put the beads safety pins on laces?

Zea said...

you gotta undo the whole lace.
thread the friendship beads unto the lace (keep at halfway point) and start lacing the shoe back up with the beads at the first bottom-most part of the lacing.

Barnaby said...