Sunday, February 04, 2007

Valerie Thompson Rocks My Bee's Ass


After a hefty 13 hour day, we have wrapped recording for Bony Lil's Creation.
As each new instrument was added to the tracks I was continually blown away by the fantasticosity of Ms. Valerie's composition. Absolutely amazing, blazing flamenco style strings. hot hot hot. We had some hot musicians to laying that shit down (see above). And I spent a great deal of time doodling again (while in the expert hands of Val, Noah and Michael Pope (see below)).

It feels like a belly full of yummy breakfast. My manifold thanks go out to the sparkling individuals that helped make this happen.


Here's one from the vastly superior cellphone camera machine of Brendan Burns.
Saucy clapping. hour eleven.


val said...

we clap so fast our hands go blurry!

Z said...

that is Correct, lady-with-the-punk-rock-clapping-bruises.

Z said...

I just realized a new layer to the title of this post.
Originally it was a combination of 'rocks my world', 'the bee's knees', and 'the cat's ass'.

but it fact, with the advent of bees now trained at bomb sniffing who wag their butts at the smell of boomy things..."Val rocks my bee's ass"
would mean that Val is "dabomb"


val said...

you so silly miss z!
are there really bomb sniffing bees out there?!?

cat's ass was a new one to me.
i am familiar with the cat's pajamas.

saw a peek the other night.
looks good!

i hope noah's ears don't fall off and pope's eyes don't fall out, but if they did, wouldn't they make the for the cutest couple of panhandlers in the whole of boston...