Thursday, March 29, 2007

Me corto mi pelo {fashion post #2.5}

So I stumbled across this doc (called "The Eternal Children" by some german guy about freak folk folks Cocorosie, Devendra Banhart, Antony etc) first thing this morning and watched the whole thing before getting out of bed. I'd heard plenty about these folks before, heard a few songs from each, but hearing them talk about their approach to and perspectives on life made me want to... cut my hair. (blushing). So, I did. Not totally psyched about it but it'll do. freak folk for all my friends!

{ramona-quimby-age-8 in the front, cut-rate hipster fringe in the back}


Barnaby said...

I do like the hairdo that you do to you! And it did AMAZING things to your face! ;)

Zea said...

geez thanks.

..the whole room, really...