Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Popsicle: animation" or "Being a public punching bag" {update}

I posted the animation I made four years ago using the same animation technique I use in Bony Lil's Creation. It just occurs to me now, that it's basically hand-drawn cel animation without the cel. Instead of being put on a transparent sheet they are cut out. That means registration between actions happens during filming rather than as they are drawn making it somewhat stop-motion. But with my way, the characters can run across any surface in 3D and crumple and stuff. They can interact with a real 3D space with specific lighting etc.

So I posted this piece about the adventures of a frozen novelty snack that I made in ought-three with help and guidance from Lisa Bufano, and Yahoo! Video picked it within 48 hours and featured it on the front page. went from 18 hits to...
currently 1803, quick like bunny. Youtube is for shmoos.

{UPDATE: so despite the 8,096 hits, I had to go through 280 top featured videos to find one rated near as poorly as mine has been. one star. "hated it". (this one got 1.5 stars) It's a flash/green screen jobby called cosmonaughty about a dancing cosmonaut. Keep the faith, my brother. {Although, safe to say this lad did not spend the better part of a year on his video}}

{April 2nd, 8,857 hits

User reviews:

Puh-leese - wasted time

ugh - 3:11 seconds of my life that i will never get back

detesting - More could be found at, and you know you should work on this video more .Best wishes {ad}

Don t waste your time - Looked interesting, but extreamly slow paced video. Got better things to do.

Very Bad - Stupid

lousy - lousy

Everybody feel better now? Feels good to anonymously berate people's work. It's so hard when folks like me force people to sit in front of their computers for hours on end randomly watching whatever's put in front of them. It could be ANYTHING. Life is so tyrannically difficult. I can really see how this piece would raise one's hackles. Thanks for speaking out. Maybe this will bring about some change. In the meantime, while they work at cleaning up this internet joint, maybe it's safer to move back to watching specially programed, corporate-approved television. Their advertisements are guaranteed to more closely determine, I mean, pander to your tastes. Now someone bring me my beret and black turtleneck I have more people's time to waste.
[take THAT you pre-adolescent folks who could care less about any of the above and have already forgotten about the experience anyway]
(I feel better)}

for more on a potential utopia sledgehammered by human nature: go here

(April 10th, 11,059 hits, 244 suscribers:
que manera de perder mi tiempo

Tiempo perdido
Hacía tiempo no dejaba que me tomaran por estúpida, vaya siempre se tropieza con la misma piedra.

thus: Spanish speakers also find it to be a waste of time)


Barnaby said...

OH it's here (the link of course!)

Barnaby said...

whoa... that update (bottom) mmade ME feel better also! sigh...

val said...

i seriously cannot believe how much these folks can't stand you.

maybe you hit a button or maybe they hate the world.

i like you and your art and they make me angry.

it makes me want to mob them...

reminds me of the noise board.
i banned myself from going there awhile back. it used to make my tummy hurt.

zea said...

thanks, my-only-two-blog-readers, I was feeling the need to vent a bit.

on a brighter side; Pope showed the two lil shorts to a film industry friend of his and she loved'm and said they're something very new, like nothing else. and she was heard to say "they will LOVE these at Cannes"
One woman's opinion, but I treasure it.

Apparently I should stick to the spaz with silly hair bit and not so much the popsicle,bear,rat,little boy bit.

Barnaby said...


Zea said...

me also. I was worried because she tends to have more conservative tastes, I'm told. It's gives me hope for actually getting in to one of these festivals.

In the meantime, I'm going to finally make those t-shirts I've been talking about for a while. The site is as important as the shirts so I need to formulate a plan of attack...

val said...

vat shirts are deez!?!?

(apparently i'm out of the loop... say it ain't so.)

Z said...

I will have to let you know in a more secretive place.....................
(wringing hands and giggling)

val said...

okay lady.
i'm insisting upon seeing you sometime when i'm not hyped up over a show or drinking.

i don't when i'll find the time, but since i've filed for an extension on my taxes, lunch is in our future.

(that's me asserting myself in an attempt to spend time with "new" people. yes, you're "new")

valvalvalvalvlaalaalaal said...

and i got a bike!
(i have to fix it, but troy and are going to start a gang. hmm... why did i mention that? oh! i just had a lovely daydream of biking over to your place to meet you for lunch.)

Zea said...

I've been developing this fantasy lately lately (whose actualizing will be ruined by all the working I'm going to be doing at Blue Man these days) where it would be like the olden days where a lady would have her home open to receive guest in the afternoons for tea, and folks would drop by between like 4 and 6pm and hang out.

Being a lady who works a lot at home in front of the 'puter I thought it would be fitting for me but I'll be buggering off to go do shows at 4pm everyday, so THat's not gonna work.

We will work it out. lunches are the most likely occasions, unless you wanna come play me at pool in the early evenings (not that I have many of those these days)

lookie what I made yesterday

Barnaby said...

Hey... so isittheseeyounexttuesday or possehasa shirts?

val said...

what delightful looking gooeyness is that?
is it fudge or torte or what?

ahh, tea time.
i would love to play incompetent (from my end) pool, but alas my early evenings are usually filled with cello students.

okay, kids don't have too much fun w/o me, i'm heading out for a quickie tour tomorrow am.