Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Waiting: They got'm...

Monsieur / Madame Michael POPE

Nous avons bien reçu votre film BONY LIL'S DISTRACTION (and CREATION too)

La conférence de presse annonçant les films sélectionnés pour le Festival de Cannes se déroule durant la seconde quinzaine d’avril.
Si votre film est sélectionné pour le Festival de Cannes, vous serez prévenu avant cette date.
Nous essayerons dans la mesure du possible de donner des réponses à tous les candidats avant la conférence de presse.


Festival de Cannes
Département Films

Dear Michael POPE

We have received your film BONY LIL'S DISTRACTION (and CREATION too)

The press conference will be held in the last two weeks of April.
If your film is selected for the Festival de Cannes, you will be notified before the press conference
We will do our best to notify all candidates before the press conference.

Yours sincerely,

Festival de Cannes
Film Department

Next comes the deadline for the Hamptons Festival, then maybe Locarno and Rhode Island International, probably Ottawa's Animation one. That's just May. June comes Sundance... more more more (where do we think the money is coming from for all these submissions? dunno. I just hope somebody says "yes. we love it. do come.")


val said...

mail works yay!

i get all my money to support my artistic habits by selling black market babies. if my black market baby firm has any openings, i'll let you know.

(love the new graphiques on the entrance page by the way!)

Barnaby said...

Holy crap I'm so excited!

Except for all the pain from having them eggs attached to my intestine then birthed through testes for Val's job...ugh

Zea said...

good grief, charlie brown.

FAther-cake, even.
(for information on that inside joke please refer to comments number 33 and 34 on Barnaby's blog entry for March 28th. this has been a public service announcement.)

Barnaby said...


val said...

It's just like in that Arnold Schwarzenegger film Junior (Arnie plays a scientist who agrees to the pregnancy in his body...somehow i managed to see this in the movie theater!)

I know it is a little painful at times barnaby, but our special love children make way more on the black market than those normal, birthed by women babies.

We're doing an important service here.
I never learned about anything cool like mother-cake in my german studies.

I don't know if I can ever eat cake again...