Friday, May 30, 2008

Whorelando: Week four and a half ish

A lot has happened in the last week +. Lots of folks coming and going. I have been to some places around town that are not horrid. Had a couple decent meals, went to this neat bar that has these secret rooms behind bookcases with secret cameras. live feeds from photo booths. Got a tour around the rides at the park. The Hulk Rollercoaster. The Spiderman ride (sort of mind blowing)...

I've been practicing my secret camera-ing during my trips to get coffee in the park. {favorite examples below}

But, some of the most fun I've had lately, is shooting a music video with the fine folks I work with down here. 8 blue men in drag. you saw it here first, baby. They are a fierce hot mess and I love them ferociously.


Pope said...

Secret Agent Barker...

you do a great service for this nation: Blue/Drag/Video/Orlando/Yum!!!

Fierce + Hot x Mess = Love

Which is a good thing.



me sleep now...

Z said...

need I mention, it's bluegrass cover of an obscure rock song. that red-headed one plays a mean fiddle.

valvlalvalva said...

in my (former) funeral home/artist commune we will have secret bookcases, too!

great to hear it is kickin'.
(but hope it isn't too kickin' cause then they'd keep you forever.)

i like that your covert pics catch the in between moments of the world's most exciting place to vacation.

is the gangpng working for yous?
i can't get it.