Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Whorelando: week thrizzle


...and by request: WRESTLER and WRESTLER BETTIES with forklift

{I am working on my sneaky photo-taking. more on that later}
check out those boobie lamps in suessland. ...and the exquisite topiary.


val said...

so glad you mentioned to boobie lamps. i was starting to think that i was turning into an adolescent boy. (whew!)

We've got wrestlers!!!
-When you first mentioned wrestlers I briefly envisioned athletic wrestlers training in the back alley, not gonna lie. the betties look tough...
(running scenario of zea getting pinned by them as they find out that she has been spying on them. oh no!)

thank you for the wrestlers.
so, are you gonna go to a wrestling "show" anytime before your incarceration is up?

Pope said...

There is a unique place in hell for a culture that can create a world from Dr Seuss' imagination - And completely fuck it up and make it look like Vomity Mall Suicideville.

Gotta give credit where credit is due I suppose.

Some cultures have been struggling centuries to fuck up a brilliant creation.

Taliban blows up ancient Buddhist statues

Orlandans build Boobie lamps in Suessland...

Sigh =p

Barnaby said...

I'm sorry but I want a booby lamp and fancy topiary for the backyard please.

Z said...

I'll see what I can do...